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Important Information


There are several items you are required to bring to your assessment.  Those items are listed below.  The cost of your assessment is set by the state of North Carolina at $100 per DWI case.  Insurance is not accepted for your DWI assessment or treatment.  The DWI assessment process is designed to recommend the appropriate educational or treatment level. 

What to Bring

Legal Documents

You must bring all of your DWI paperwork including court documents, your original ticket, the BAC (breathalyzer/blood test/or documentation of refusal) and a photo ID if available.

Driving Record Payment

We must pull a copy of your driving record the day of your assessment to have the most up to date information.  Cost is $14.75 ($11.75 plus $5 processing fee).  You will be responsible for this fee at the time of scheduling your assessment along with the assessment fee.

Assessment Payment

Payment is due at the time you are scheduled.  The cost of your DWI assessment is $100 per DWI case.  Combined with the $14.75 for your driving record and processing fees, your total for the appointment will be $120.00.  We do not accept checks or file insurance for payment.  Cash and credit cards are accepted.

What to Expect

  • All assessments must be conducted in person by an authorized DWI provider.  DWI Assessments & Counseling Services is a licensed facility authorized in North Carolina to provide DWI assessments, education and treatment.

  • A DWI assessment is an initial evaluation of an individual’s use of alcohol and/or other impairing substances. It consists of an online psychological screening and a face-to-face clinical interview. The entire process usually takes 1-1 ½ hours. 

  • The clinician who conducts your assessment will recommend a level of care which can range from education classes to substance use treatment.  The level of care recommended depends on many factors including the number of past DWIs, BAC level, psychological testing results, and the diagnosis made by the professional completing your assessment.  

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